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10am -  Family Eucharist (ANZPB) Preacher: The Reverend Jonathan Gale
8am -  Holy Communion (ANZPB) Preacher: The Reverend Jonathan Gale

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Parish Newsletter for 2 November 2014.

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Welcome to a Sanctuary

Morning Office/Prayer

The references for Morning Prayer this week are as follows:

Tues 28 Oct: 
Psalm 116, 117, 1, Isaiah 45: 18 - 26, Luke 6: 12 - 16 (p.69 – 71)
Wed 29 Oct: 
Psalm 111, 2 Kings 18: 13 to end, Philippians 2: 1 - 13 (p.74 – 76) 
Thurs 30 Oct: 
Psalm 115, 2 Kings 19: 1 - 19, Philippians 2: 14 to end (p.80 – 82) 
Fri 31 Oct: 
Psalm 139, 2 Kings 19: 20 - 36, Philippians 3: 1 – 4: 1 (p.84 - 87) 

Prayer begins each morning (Tues - Fri) - 8.45 a.m.

We use A New Zealand Prayer Book (the red book)

How do we use the book? Prayers are said aloud with the leader reading the feint print and the congregation reading the bold print. When we get to the numbered sections they are read antiphonally i.e. the leader saying the first part up to the colon, the congregation the second part.

Each morning the lectionary has a set Psalm and bible readings for Morning Prayer. We say the psalms antiphonally and we end with “Glory to the Father, and to the Son:  and to the Holy Spirit; as it was in the beginning is now: and shall be forever. Amen.” We take it in turns to read the sections from the bible.

A time of prayer takes place where the prayer book lists activities in bold (see p. 71). We do not do everything written down there. Instead we pray the Collect from the previous Sunday together, we have a time of open prayer and we conclude with The Lord’s Prayer.



St Peter’s is part of the landscape of Takapuna, it is a place that tells and aims to reveal God as part of the everyday lives of people. The church is a sanctuary; a place set apart that aims to give life and to reflect the community.

At the heart of the parish is worship. However sanctuaries are also places set apart for music, art, young children, the elderly and families. At St Peter’s we value the tradition of the Anglican Church but also seek to be a church that is relevant to its context and so church occurs in many ways through the week. St Peter’s has different styles of worship, mainly music, a choir, choral and organ concerts, study groups and coffee groups. A sanctuary can also be a place of learning. On the St Peter’s site is Lakeview Private Kindergarten, an early childhood learning centre that leases some of the grounds and so the sound of children’s voices echo round the grounds. People choose to come to St Peter’s for funerals, weddings and baptisms and there is a Memorial Garden where ashes can be interred and a quiet place to remember those who have died. From within the community different groups hire out the hall facilities. So come to this sanctuary, it is a place set apart for all to encounter each other and to encounter God. We look forward to welcoming you.

We are pleased to introduce Jonathan Gale as the Vicar-elect of the Parish of Takapuna.  Please see attached Biography. 

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